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Virtual Accounts

“My company is growing quickly but I can’t afford to take on employees”
“I wish I had someone to help me with my accounts”
“I don’t have the time to chase up my outstanding invoices”

Hopkirk Jones offer a “virtual accounts office” for small businesses.

Do you need someone to look after your books and accounts? Employing people can be expensive and stressful. Holiday pay, Sickness pay, Maternity pay, National Insurance not to mention the cost of providing a desk, computer, telephone. It soon adds up.

Hopkirk Jones can supply you with the accounts and tax support that a growing company needs. We can provide you with full book keeping, credit control, payroll, tax advice and company secretarial services for less than the price of employing an average book keeper.

  • All of our Account Managers are SAGE Financial and SAGE Payroll qualified.

  • You will have the SAME account Manager looking after your accounts week to week. This means that they get know your business on a personal level.

  • Back up support of tax, and debt collection experts.

  • We can work out of your premises or remotely from our own offices to save on your office costs.

  • Customer/supplier calls can be answered in your own company name

Prices from as little as £100 per month for general book keeping, tax and payroll.

For more info Call Ben Jones on 01438 219456



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